On Sisterhood among Heroes

Apparently in order to evaluate the quality of female participation in the movies you should ask 3 questions:

  1. Is there more than one woman among the main characters?
  2. Do those women talk to one another?
  3. Do they talk about something other than men?

I can recommend that exercise full-heartedly, the conclusions can surprise you…

When I read books (crime stories, action or fantasy) I come across similar challenge: alienated female characters. When I reflected on my favorite heroines in literature, I arrived at a very sad conclusion. Firstly, that if they have friends at all, those would be mostly men or some fantastic creatures. But, more importantly, our brave females have very little chance to be likeable at all.

But maybe the made-up world is just reflecting the reality?

The stereotypical ‘brotherhood’ among men does not mean anymore conquering new lands (for most of places), but getting united around common interests is still a big part of it.

What does ‘sisterhood’ mean?


Joined shopping?

Meeting for gossip?

How many stories are told about real, deep female friendship? Build around same, shared values and passions. Guaranteeing support under any circumstances, no matter what.

It does exist. I live it every day. Surrounded by wonderful women who I have honor to call my true friends.

Geeting inspired by them.

One of the characters from my coming book combines at least 5 of them.

Her name is Temina.

More to come.

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